SELENA TASTES BETTER THAN YOU! Justin Bieber Mocks Hailey’s Easter Gifts & Compares It To Selena’s

Hailey Bieber provided her fans with a glimpse into her Easter celebration with her husband, Justin Bieber, as the singer maintains a low-profile on social media. Amidst the resurfacing of old videos featuring Justin and Sean “Diddy” Combs, which caused concern due to the rapper’s legal issues, Justin and Hailey appeared to have a low-key holiday together.

On March 31, Hailey, who is 27 years old, shared a photo on her Instagram Story showcasing the personalized Easter baskets for her and Justin. The baskets included large chocolate eggs with their names displayed on the front, as well as edible decorations like carrots, bunnies, and more. Although Justin, who is 30 years old, did not appear in any of the holiday photos, Hailey took a selfie of herself and captioned it “Happy Easter.”

Following the federal investigation into allegations of sex trafficking, which involved the raiding of Combs’ residences in Miami and Los Angeles on March 25, old videos featuring the music executive began resurfacing online. Some of these videos included Justin when he was a teenager.

One of the videos, initially posted on Justin’s YouTube channel in 2009, documented a 48-hour period in which the two spent time together. In the footage, Combs, who is now 54 years old, mentioned, “Where we’re hanging out and what we’re doing, we can’t really disclose, but it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream.” He also said, “For the next 48 hours, [Justin’s] with me. We gonna go full buck full crazy.”

The second video, captured in 2010, featured Combs telling a 16-year-old Justin, “Starting to act different, huh? You haven’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out.”

Justin has not made any public comments regarding these videos as they circulate on social media.

In addition, fans have recently expressed concerns about potential issues in Justin and Hailey’s marriage. The concerns arose in February when Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, shared an Instagram Reel on his page that requested prayers for Justin and Hailey, asking for wisdom, protection, and a closer connection to the Lord due to the challenges faced by public figures.

Just a few days later, Hailey addressed baseless rumors about her relationship through an Instagram Story message. She clarified that the stories and constant “blind items” on TikTok were always false and fabricated. She stated that they originated from delusion and urged her followers not to believe them. Hailey also publicly expressed her admiration for Justin in an Instagram post celebrating his birthday on March 1.

Nevertheless, an insider, exclusively speaking to In Touch, revealed that Hailey is contemplating a trial separation from Justin to privately work through their issues. The source clarified that Hailey is not seeking a divorce, but she recognizes that Justin feels hurt and confused. She herself feels lost and believes that a break would be beneficial.

Haley Bieber recently gave her fans a glimpse into her Easter celebration with husband Justin Bieber, amid his low profile on social media. The couple seemed to have a quiet holiday together, with Haley sharing a photo of personalized Easter baskets for them both.

The baskets included large chocolate eggs with their names and edible decorations like carrots and bunnies. While Justin didn’t appear in any holiday photos, Haley shared a selfie captioned “Happy Easter.”

This comes amidst the resurfacing of old videos featuring Justin and Sean “Diddy” Combs, causing concern due to the rapper’s legal issues. The videos, from Justin’s teenage years, depict a carefree time spent with Combs, but Justin has not publicly commented on them.

In addition to concerns about the videos, fans have expressed worries about Justin and Haley’s marriage, especially after Haley’s father, Stephen Baldwin, shared a prayer request for the couple on social media. Haley addressed baseless rumors about their relationship, urging followers not to believe them.

Despite Haley’s public admiration for Justin, an insider has revealed that she’s contemplating a trial separation to privately work through their issues. While she’s not seeking a divorce, she recognizes the need to address Justin’s feelings of hurt and confusion, as well as her own sense of being lost.

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