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Justin Bieber’s Personal Movie Preferences: A Look at Genres He May Dislike


While Justin Bieber is one of the most famous pop stars in the world, his personal preferences when it comes to movies are not widely known. Celebrities try to keep many aspects of their private lives out of the public eye. However, based on Bieber’s background and personality, we can speculate about some genres of films he may not enjoy watching. In this article, we will explore three types of movies that are unlikely to appeal to Bieber: horror films due to his religious beliefs, romantic comedies because of their cheesy nature, and documentaries about his own life and career.

Horror Films and Justin Bieber’s Faith

Justin Bieber is a devout Christian and has spoken openly about how important his faith is to him. He was brought up in a Christian household and continues to credit God for his success. Given Bieber’s strong religious beliefs, horror movies may not be to his taste. Many horror films feature graphic violence, disturbing imagery, and themes that clash with Christian doctrine.

Scenes depicting demons, the occult, torture, or excessively gruesome violence could make Bieber uncomfortable. As a believer, he may wish to avoid exposing himself to such content that contradicts his worldview. Horror also aims to scare and disturb viewers through terrifying plotlines and shocking visuals. Bieber has indicated he prefers more uplifting entertainment that aligns with his faith-based values and perspective on life.

Additionally, horror films are known for their ability to produce lasting psychological effects like nightmares or increased anxiety levels. As someone who battles depression and relies on faith for solace, Bieber may want to steer clear of anything that causes prolonged distress or unease. His religious convictions likely make the gross-out factor and dark subject matter of many horror flicks unappealing. While not all horror deals with the supernatural or religious themes, the genre as a whole tends to clash with Christian ideals of positivity, hope and morality.

Bieber has never publicly stated a dislike for horror movies. However, based on his well-documented spirituality, it seems plausible that the graphic, disturbing nature of many titles in the genre would not be to his personal taste. Horror aims to shock and scare, whereas Bieber’s faith encourages finding strength and comfort in God, not dwelling in fear or exposing oneself to disturbing imagery unnecessarily. Overall, the dark subject matter of horror does not align with Bieber’s optimistic Christian worldview.

Romantic Comedies and Their “Cheesy” Reputation

Another genre Justin Bieber may dislike is romantic comedies, or “rom-coms.” While some men enjoy the lighthearted romance and humor of rom-com films, others see them as overly sentimental or cheesy. As a successful young pop star, Bieber likely has an image to maintain as masculine and cool. Admitting to enjoying romantic comedies could damage that image.

Rom-coms focus on themes of love, relationships and emotion that some perceive as more feminine interests. They also have a reputation for featuring over-the-top, unrealistic scenarios and characters. Due to their formulaic plots and tendency towards schmaltzy storylines, rom-coms are often derided as cheesy or corny by critics. As a celebrity, Bieber may wish to avoid being associated with what could be seen as a “uncool” or clichéd genre.

Additionally, many rom-coms center around the daily lives and dating experiences of ordinary people. As an A-list star, Bieber likely cannot relate to the average relationship struggles depicted on screen. Scenes involving mundane jobs or ordinary social interactions may not hold much interest or escapism for him. Bieber also lives a jet-setting lifestyle traveling the world, very different from the quiet suburban settings of many romantic comedies.

Bieber has never come out against rom-coms publicly. However, their saccharine reputation and focus on everyday romance could make them unappealing to a wealthy young pop idol trying to maintain a masculine image. While some male celebrities like rom-coms, Bieber’s persona may be better served avoiding a genre seen as overly sentimental or grounded in everyday realities he cannot personally relate to.

Documentaries About His Own Life and Career

A third type of movie Justin Bieber is unlikely to enjoy watching are documentaries focused on his own life and rise to fame. Many artists dislike seeing intimate moments from their past played out on screen. Documentaries also have potential to bring up difficult memories or reveal private aspects the subject would rather keep private.

For Bieber, documentaries could dredge up painful periods from his adolescence dealing with fame at a young age. Films examining his meteoric rise to stardom may touch on emotional struggles he faced with loss of privacy and intense public scrutiny. Reliving turbulent times through someone else’s lens and narrative could make Bieber uncomfortable.

Additionally, documentaries have an objective, critical viewpoint intended to educate audiences rather than simply entertain. Bieber may not wish to be analyzed or have unflattering aspects highlighted. Films exploring the challenges of his career could point out controversies, scandals or immature behavior from his past that Bieber has worked to move beyond. No one enjoys being criticized or having their faults put under a microscope.

Watching documentaries about himself also means losing a degree of control over his own narrative and public image. Directors and producers interpret Bieber’s story in their own way rather than allowing him to frame it as he chooses. The loss of agency may bother a celebrity accustomed to crafting a carefully managed public persona. Overall, while fans and the general public find documentaries about famous people fascinating, the subjects themselves usually prefer to leave their personal lives private.


In summary, based on his religious faith, public image concerns, and natural human desire for privacy – horror films, romantic comedies, and documentaries about his own life are three genres Justin Bieber likely does not enjoy watching. Of course, as with any celebrity’s tastes, this is just speculation. Bieber has kept his personal movie preferences mostly to himself. However, analyzing his background and personality provides clues into cinematic realms that may not suit his sensibilities or interests. While fans worldwide watch movies featuring Bieber constantly, the star himself probably prefers more upbeat entertainment that protects his brand and privacy.

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