(VIDEO) 5 MINUTES AGO: Katt Williams EXPOSES Kevin Hart & Jamie Foxx For Being Diddy’s FREAK OFF Partners

5 MINUTES AGO: Katt Williams EXPOSES Kevin Hart & Jamie Foxx For Being Diddy’s FREAK OFF Partners

In this video katt Williams is getting away with all the abuse he has previously thrown at Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx, especially in light of the current reports that they were included in Diddy’s freak offs.

Kevin and Jamie can both boast that they were at Diddy’s notorious parties and that they seen some weird stuff in the past.

While Cat Williams was never spotted at a Diddy event, Jamie acknowledged that he has previously recorded some of the crazy parties.

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In a whirlwind of breaking news, comedian Katt Williams has unleashed a bombshell revelation, exposing fellow comedians Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx for their alleged involvement as “freak off” partners with music mogul Diddy.

Williams’ shocking claims, made just moments ago during a live interview, have sent shockwaves rippling through the entertainment industry, leaving fans and insiders alike reeling with disbelief.

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During the interview, Williams did not hold back as he delved into the details of what he described as a clandestine network of celebrity liaisons orchestrated by Diddy.

According to Williams, Hart and Foxx were among a select group of entertainers allegedly recruited by Diddy to participate in secretive “freak off” gatherings.

The explosive nature of Williams’ allegations has sparked immediate outcry and speculation, with many scrambling to process the implications of his claims.

Questions abound about the veracity of Williams’ statements and the potential fallout for those implicated in the scandal.

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As the news continues to unfold, representatives for Hart and Foxx have yet to respond to Williams’ accusations.

However, the controversy surrounding the alleged involvement of these beloved comedians in Diddy’s scandalous activities is sure to dominate headlines in the days to come.

In the wake of Williams’ bombshell revelation, the entertainment world finds itself plunged into a state of chaos and uncertainty.

With the spotlight now firmly trained on Hart, Foxx, and Diddy, all eyes are on them as the scandal unfolds and the truth behind Williams’ claims is brought to light.

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