(VIDEO) Usher OFFICIALLY ENDS Diddy’s Career After Revealing This…

Usher OFFICIALLY ENDS Diddy’s Career After Revealing This…

Usher is finally taking Diddy down, and, fans think there’s no going back for Puffy now.

There has been a 360 shift in Hollywood recently, where, celebrities are coming together to take down Sean Diddy Combs once and for all.

Usher, too, is revealing years of evidence that he has apparently gathered against his ex-mentor Diddy Combs, putting the final nail in Diddy’s career.

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club remember the tunnel remember the Supper Club Club USA all these places and I’m not trying to insinuate anything but it’s just the atmosphere that we were in it was wild man and I was just a 13-year-old kid trying to navigate through it all you know I wasn’t there to indulge in the lifestyle I was there because I wanted a career in music you know what I mean it was a crazy time Biggie Smalls Lil Kim Craig Mack they were all there and I was just trying to make my mark you know what I mean?

But let me tell you about Usher man he was just a kid when he got involved with Diddy signed to Bad Boy Entertainment at just 14 years old it was wild man he was exposed to things he shouldn’t have been at that age you know what I’m saying? Drugs parties all that stuff it wasn’t right for a kid to be around that kind of environment you know what I mean?

Usher himself has spoken out about it saying it was tough he had to make some tough decisions at that young age you know he wanted to focus on his music but he was being pulled into this crazy lifestyle that he wasn’t ready for you know what I’m saying? He just wanted to work he wanted to be in the studio with Biggie with Craig Mack with all those guys but he was being dragged to clubs and parties he was too young for all that you know what I mean?

He had to fight with Diddy man telling him look I’m here to work not to party I’m too young for this stuff you know what I mean? But Diddy was all about the lifestyle he was all about the partying the drinking the celebrating and Usher just wanted his own success you know what I mean? He wanted people to be excited about him the way they were excited about Diddy you know what I’m saying?

But despite all that Usher learned a lot from that experience he saw what it took to be successful he absorbed everything he could from being around those artists Mary J. Blige Joe DeCi Timberland Missy Elliott all those guys he was just pulling in everything he possibly could you know what I mean? He saw the glimpse of the lifestyle but he wanted more than that you know what I’m saying?

And now Usher’s speaking out he’s revealing all the evidence he’s gathered against Diddy he’s not holding back you know what I’m saying? He’s showing the world the truth about what really went down back then and it’s about time man it’s about time people knew the truth about Diddy you know what I mean?

So yeah man it’s been a crazy ride but we’re getting to the truth now and that’s all that matters you know what I’m saying?

this revelation comes out, it’s clear that there’s a whole other side to Diddy that many people didn’t know about. It seems like he’s been involved in some pretty shady stuff, organizing these exclusive parties where all kinds of bizarre activities go down. And according to Jean, it’s not just about partying, it’s about something much darker.

These events seem to be a way for Diddy to entice powerful people into doing things they wouldn’t normally do, recording them, and then using that footage for his own benefit. It’s pretty messed up, you know what I mean? And it’s not just regular parties, it’s at places like Turkish baths where, as Jean explains, a lot of shady stuff goes down.

But what’s even crazier is that some big names in Hollywood are allegedly involved in all this. Usher, Justin Bieber, and others have been dragged into Diddy’s world, and it’s not clear what they’ve been through during those intense gatherings.

Reggie Wright Jr. even claims that Diddy pressured him into things he wasn’t ready for, and that young artists like Usher and Bieber were taken advantage of because they were naive.

It’s a pretty disturbing picture that Jean and others are painting, but it’s important that this stuff comes to light, you know what I mean? People need to know the truth about what’s really going on behind closed doors in Hollywood. And if what Jean says is true, then Diddy’s got a lot of explaining to do.

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