(VIDEO)Shock : Hailey Bieber Details S:ex Life With Justin Bieber!

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Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Her Relationship with Justin Bieber on the “Call Her Daddy” Podcast

In a candid interview on Spotify’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Hailey Bieber shared intimate details about her relationship with her husband, Justin Bieber. The model didn’t hold back, revealing personal insights about their private life, her thoughts on maintaining a healthy marriage, and dealing with public scrutiny.

Night Owls and Favorite Positions

When it comes to intimacy, Hailey disclosed that she and Justin are more inclined towards nighttime encounters. Although the conversation veered into graphic territory, she confidently answered host Alex Cooper’s questions. Hailey admitted she prefers variety and mentioned that doggy style is one of her favorite positions, but emphasized that their preferences can vary.

Boundaries in Their Relationship

Despite the playful nature of their conversation, Hailey was clear about her boundaries, particularly concerning the idea of threesomes or open relationships. She explained, “Those ideas can be really fun and sound exciting, but they don’t work for us. We’ve worked very hard to build trust and a beautiful bond, and I’m not comfortable with it, nor is he.”

Biggest Turn-Ons

Hailey also shared what she finds most appealing, highlighting the importance of a strong connection and physical intimacy. “Kissing is a big deal for me,” she said. “It’s always been significant in my life, even before marriage. It’s probably the biggest turn-on.”

Challenges of Being in a High-Profile Relationship

The conversation took a more serious turn as Hailey discussed the challenges of being married to someone as famous as Justin Bieber. She spoke about the online hate she receives and the constant scrutiny. “I think it’s sad to be against someone’s happiness and not wish someone well. I struggle with wanting people to like me, but living for others isn’t healthy.”

Working Through Struggles Together

Despite the challenges, Hailey emphasized that she and Justin are committed to working through them together. “He’s my best friend, and I love coming home to him,” she said. “It takes work because we both have careers, lives, and dreams. Balancing that while maintaining a marriage is hard, but we’re making it work.”

Hailey’s openness on the podcast provides a rare glimpse into the dynamics of her relationship with Justin Bieber, showing that even amidst fame and public scrutiny, they prioritize trust, love, and mutual respect.

This revised version aims to provide a structured and engaging narrative, highlighting the key points Hailey discussed in the interview

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