YOU GOT A WIFE! Wendy Williams criticized Justin For Always Stalking Selena Gomez & SNUBS Hailey

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s marriage has stirred up a great deal of controversy and public interest, particularly due to their young ages. While some may see their decision as a reasonable one for both of their families, media icon Wendy Williams has made it clear that she strongly disagrees.

During a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the seasoned writer and former broadcaster didn’t hold back in expressing her disapproval of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s hasty union. Not only did she criticize the couple for rushing into marriage, but she also took a moment to direct a sharp comment towards Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, for his role in consenting to the marriage.

Wendy Williams didn’t mince her words as she voiced her concerns, stating, “There’s no prenuptial agreement. He’s worth 265 million dollars and she’s worth two million dollars, but in the name of religion, I guess it’s all good. Shame on you, Stephen Baldwin, the father of Hailey Baldwin, for co-signing on your 21-year-old daughter getting married.”

It was evident that the audience shared Williams’ sentiments as they enthusiastically supported her criticism of Baldwin’s decision to allow his daughter to marry at such a young age. The media personality made it clear that she was far from thrilled about the state of the couple’s tumultuous relationship, which had been marked by several breakups and makeups.

“They’ve been on and off again allegedly for years, but I don’t care what your background is. These days, 21 is too young to be getting married,” Williams asserted, highlighting her belief that Baldwin and Bieber were rushing into a lifelong commitment without fully considering the consequences.

In addition to her critique, Williams shed light on the couple’s motivations for getting married so quickly. According to her, they were eager to start a family and wanted to have a child within the confines of marriage, rather than out of wedlock like many others in the industry. While Williams acknowledged their desire for a legitimate child, she couldn’t help but urge them to take their time and enjoy their youth before embarking on such a significant life milestone.

“They’re also saying that the reason they want to get married so quickly is that they want to have a baby, and they don’t want to do it out of wedlock like everyone else. Well, you have to applaud that, but kids… date! Enjoy the world!” Williams passionately expressed, echoing the sentiments of those who believed the young couple should take a more measured approach to their relationship.

The audience wholeheartedly agreed with Williams’ perspective, as they chimed in with their support, underscoring the notion that Baldwin and Bieber had indeed rushed into marriage without fully exploring the potential consequences.

Williams didn’t shy away from mentioning Selena Gomez and her past relationship with Justin Bieber. She speculated that the couple’s marriage wouldn’t stand the test of time, suggesting that their relationship would crumble shortly after the honeymoon phase.

Given their young age, it’s understandable why Wendy Williams expressed such concern for the well-being of both Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. While their decision to marry may have seemed like the right one for them at the time, there are valid arguments to be made about the wisdom of such a commitment at such a tender age. Only time will tell how their relationship unfolds and if they can defy the odds stacked against young love.

Haley Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s whirlwind romance has captured the attention of the public, sparking debates and speculation about their union, especially given their young ages. Recently, media maven Wendy Williams didn’t hold back her disapproval of their quick marriage during an episode of her show.

Williams raised valid concerns about the lack of a prenuptial agreement, considering Bieber’s substantial wealth compared to Baldwin’s. She didn’t shy away from criticizing Haley’s father, Steven Baldwin, for allegedly consenting to the marriage without considering financial protection for his daughter.

The audience echoed Williams’ sentiments, signaling a shared unease about the couple’s hasty decision. Williams didn’t mince her words, expressing skepticism about the longevity of their relationship, especially given their on-again, off-again history.

Highlighting the couple’s purported desire to start a family, Williams urged caution, emphasizing the importance of enjoying youth and taking time to build a solid foundation before diving into marriage and parenthood.

Williams also touched on Bieber’s past relationship with Selena Gomez, hinting at the challenges ahead for the newlyweds. While some may applaud their commitment to starting a family within marriage, Williams cautioned against rushing into such a significant life milestone without careful consideration.

Ultimately, Williams’ candid commentary reflects broader concerns about young celebrity relationships and the pressures they face in the public eye. As Baldwin and Bieber navigate married life, they’ll undoubtedly encounter obstacles, but only time will reveal the true strength of their bond.

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