50 Cent Trolls Diddy With Suggestive Text Messages: ‘This Is Fun’

50 Cent has continued trolling Diddy by posting a fake suggestive text conversation with the embattled Bad Boy boss.

50, who has been taunting his longtime rival ever since he was first accused of 𝓈ℯ𝓍ual assault late last year, has gotten more creative in his campaign against Puffy.

Alongside a caption which says: “Yo this is fun to me, I had to share this it made me laugh,” the G-Unit boss posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday (April 17) that appears to show Diddy messaging him.

Mocking the record executive, the first message says: “Hello daddy,” with the follow-up reading: “come over for a drink.”

After being told it’s 1:30 a.m., the fake Diddy replies: “Just one drink. Come over.”

The person replying then disses Cîroc, the vodka brand that Puffy was associated with for many years.

The  hitmaker then replies: “I’ll take you shopping tomorrow. Come.”

The person he’s texting continues to curve his attempt by replying: “I got my own money for shopping fam. I’m good.”


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After a promise of casting the person in Diddy’s next music video, the person brutally replies: “Lol… last time you had a hit, I was in high school. I’m good” before posting the meme of 50 Cent in  speeding away in his car while laughing.

50 Cent also recently commented on unsubstantiated rumors that Diddy had an affair with  and  actor Reginald VelJohnson who played Carl Winslow in the sitcom.

Comedian Luce Cannon made the claim during an appearance on the  podcast, alleging that he saw the the pair engage in a 𝓈ℯ𝓍 act at one of Puffy’s parties.

“When Diddy fucked Carl Winslow, we was at the party,” Cannon said. “And you know, we just chilling and shit. Everybody know me. I’m a goofy n-gga, I’m funny and stuff like that. So, I hear a n-gga just wearing out some shit.

“I’m like, ‘Who’s wearing this bitch out?’ N-gga, I kicked in the door. Boom! Kick in the door. I seen Carl Winslow put his head up … I swear to God [on] dead homie, Neighborhood Crip.”

He continued: “When I seen that, cuz, right, Diddy came back. And he was telling me, he was like, ‘It’s nothing more enjoyable than having a man do something for some money.’ I’m like, ‘Cuz that shit crazier than a muthafucka.’”

Reposting the headline on Instagram, Fif reacted by writing: “Ok this is, this is , this is [concerned emoji] I’m not sure what to say anymore. So Diddy was playing with Carls booty too [blushing emoji] LOL( I NEED A DRINK GUY’S).”

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