50 Cent Reacts: “The Game Was Lucky I Didn’t Pull The Gun”

50 Cent Reacts: “The Game Was Lucky I Didn’t Pull The Gun”


In a candid statement, rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent has reacted to a past incident involving fellow rapper The Game, revealing that the situation nearly escalated to a dangerous level.

“The Game was lucky I didn’t pull the gun,” 50 Cent asserted, recalling a tense moment that underscores the intensity of their past interactions. The statement has reignited interest in their turbulent history and the dynamics within the hip-hop community.


50 Cent Reacts: 'The Game Was Lucky I Didn't Pull The Gun' - YouTube


Despite their public feud and confrontations over the years, both artists have since moved forward in their respective careers. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges faced in the competitive world of rap music.


As reactions unfold to 50 Cent’s recent remarks, fans and observers alike reflect on the implications of such confrontations and the impact they have on the music industry’s culture and legacy.

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