Chelsea Handler Advises Women To Never Have @nal With Her Ex-Boyfriend 50 Cent

In a candid and humorous revelation, comedian Chelsea Handler has given some rather unconventional advice: women should avoid having anal sex with her ex-boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent. Known for her bold and unapologetic style, Handler didn’t shy away from sharing intimate details about her past relationship during a recent interview.

Chelsea Handler On 50 Cent's Penis Size During Stand-Up Bit

The Revelation

During a conversation on a popular podcast, Handler was asked about her relationship with 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson. The couple dated briefly in 2010, and their relationship has since been a topic of curiosity for fans and media alike. Handler, known for her comedic and forthright commentary, took the opportunity to share a rather surprising piece of advice.

“Here’s the deal,” Handler said, laughing. “If you’re thinking about dating 50 Cent, let me just give you a heads-up: do not, under any circumstances, let him talk you into anal sex. Trust me on this one.”

50 Cent Responds to Chelsea Handler Talking About His Penis Size | Complex

A Humorous Tone

Handler’s remarks, while risqué, were delivered with her signature humor and wit. She didn’t delve into specific reasons for her advice but made it clear that her experience with 50 Cent in this regard was not something she’d recommend to others.

“It’s just one of those things you learn from experience,” she added. “And believe me, it’s a lesson worth passing on.”


A Look Back at Their Relationship

Handler and 50 Cent’s relationship was short-lived but garnered significant media attention due to their seemingly mismatched personalities. Handler, a comedian and talk show host, and 50 Cent, a rapper with a tough public persona, made for an intriguing couple. Despite their differences, both have spoken positively about each other in the years following their breakup.

In previous interviews, Handler has described 50 Cent as a charming and funny individual, while 50 Cent has praised Handler for her intelligence and humor. Their amicable split left fans wondering about the details of their relationship, and Handler’s recent comments add another layer to the story.

Reactions and Speculations

Handler’s advice has sparked a wave of reactions online, with fans and commentators weighing in on her bold statement. While some appreciated her candidness and humor, others speculated about the underlying reasons for her advice. The nature of her relationship with 50 Cent and the specifics of their intimate life remain largely private, but Handler’s comments have certainly fueled curiosity and conversation.



Chelsea Handler’s latest revelation about her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent is a testament to her fearless approach to comedy and storytelling. Her advice, delivered with a blend of humor and honesty, adds a new chapter to the public’s understanding of their past relationship. Whether taken as a serious warning or a comedic anecdote, Handler’s words are sure to resonate with her audience and keep the public intrigued by the ongoing saga of her and 50 Cent’s brief but memorable romance.

As always, Handler’s unapologetic candor provides a refreshing, if unconventional, perspective on the complexities of dating and relationships in the celebrity world.

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