Clive Davis ON THE RUN After Diddy SNITCHES To The Cops?!

With the investigations going on about Sean Diddy Combs, 50 Cent hasn’t been holding back about all the questionable stuff Diddy’s been tied to. Rumor has it that with all this coming out, folks close to Diddy are starting to sweat, worried they might get dragged into the mess too.


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One of those folks is Clive Davis, and according to 50 Cent, everything shady is about to come out in the open for Diddy and his crew.


So what exactly did he spill? 50 Cent has always been vocal about Diddy’s shady ways. In fact, there are resurfaced comments about Diddy that came straight from 50 Cent himself.


During an old interview, possibly on Drink Champs, he told a bizarre story about how Diddy once told him that he wanted to take him shopping.


BREAKING! Legendary Music Exec CLIVE DAVIS Implicated As MASTERMIND Behind  DIDDY Allegations - YouTube


50 Cent probably felt like Diddy was trying to get him into his shady, intimate encounters with men.


What’s more, last year, a spokesperson for 50 Cent told TMZ that the 48-year-old rapper’s production company, G-Unit Films and Television, is working on a documentary about the accusations against Combs. They said the money made from the documentary will go to help victims of S A.


Clive Davis on homosexuality in hip-hop


At this point, Diddy’s dirty laundry has been aired for the world to see, and he is currently the villain in everybody’s story. However, what many people fail to understand is that Diddy wasn’t always like this.


Not even close. Sure, he had a few run-ins with the law, but nothing too serious until he joined the industry and made connections with Hollywood A-lister Clive Davis.


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