“It is just disrespectful”: Justin Bieber Refused to Perform With Usher During the Super Bowl Despite R&B Legend Launching His Career That Earned Him Millions

Fans are angry at Justin Bieber for declining Usher’s request to perform with him during his Super Bowl show.

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“It is just disrespectful”: Justin Bieber Refused to Perform With Usher During the Super Bowl Despite R&B Legend Launching His Career That Earned Him Millions


Justin Bieber and Usher have been long-time friends with Usher being a mentor figure to Bieber.
Usher wanted Bieber to join him during his Super Bowl performance but Bieber declined the offer.

Usher headlined the Super Bowl halftime show recently, and the popular R&B singer did not disappoint one bit. Usher performed an exciting medley of all the greatest hits of his career and even had some surprises, with various guest appearances from artists with whom he collaborated over the years.
Usher put on a great show at the his Super Bowl half time show

Usher put on a great performance for audiences at the Super Bowl halftime show
However, one instance from his performance left a sour taste in audiences. Usher tried bringing Justin Bieber up on stage to perform with him, but Bieber declined. This has put off some fans who believe that Bieber disrespected him by doing that as Usher had been an integral part of his rise to fame.

Fans are Pissed at Justin Bieber for Declining Usher’s Request

Usher featured in Justin Bieber's hit track Somebody to Love from his first albumUsher featured in Justin Bieber’s hit track Somebody to Love from his first album

Usher put in a great show at the Super Bowl halftime show with his electrifying performance. The R&B singer performed a medley of 11 songs, including some of his greatest hits, Caught Up, Superstar, Yeah!, and Love in This Club. Usher even called some of his collaborators over the years for some of his songs.

He called in Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Alicia Keys, will.i.am, and H.E.R. at various instances during his performance and sang with them, leaving audiences enthralled and entertained. However, one aspect of the whole performance put off some people.

According to Page Six, Usher wanted Justin Bieber to join him on stage and create a memorable moment between them by performing together. Bieber declined to join him, and this has fans pissed at the Baby singer, with many feeling that he disrespected his mentor figure, who was an instrumental figure in Bieber, achieving worldwide fame. Here are some of the reactions on X,






Usher helped Bieber find his way into the music industry during his early years and even collaborated with him on the song Somebody to Love in 2010. Despite Page Six reporting that there’s no bad blood between the two, people are not happy with Bieber’s behavior with him declining Usher’s request.

Usher Wants to Explore a New Side of His Artistry With His New Album

Usher's new album Coming Home is a new step for him as an artistUsher’s new album Coming Home is a new step for him as an artist
Usher recently released his ninth studio album titled Coming Home. The album was a long time coming as his previous album Hard II Love came out over 8 years ago in 2016. The R&B singer wanted to do something different with his new offering and explore his range as an artist.

Usher told Entertainment Weekly that during the making of the album, the songs and the direction of the album shifted and changed tremendously. He consistently worked hard to inject new life into the album and bring an unexplored rhythm to his new album. He said,

“I wasn’t consistently just working on an album for five years, man. I would’ve went crazy. But I did work on numerous amounts of songs and went through a great deal of transformation in the process. I just wanted to explore. I wanted to once again be fearless and go into a space that felt new, at least for me.”

The album was released a few days before his Super Bowl performance on February 9, 2024. It received positive reviews from fans who praised Usher for his unmatched mastery over R&B. His performance at the Super Bowl was also received very well as he had the crowd dancing with his amazing medley of songs from his entire catalog.

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