Jay-Z UPSET that Beyonce was uplifted over Rihanna? | Jay Z ACCUSED of “deleting” Cathy White

Delve into the controversial world of Jay-Z’s connections, from his opinions on Beyonce and Rihanna to the mysterious scandal surrounding Cathy White. Uncover the intertwined relationships and speculations that have stirred the media community.

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Stephen A Smith’s Opinion on Beyonce and Rihanna

Stephen A Smith’s opinion on Beyonce and Rihanna causing a stir in the sports media community.

Despite backlash, Stephen A Smith stands by his opinion that Rihanna is not on Beyonce’s level.

Jay-Z’s Uneasiness with the Beyonce-Rihanna Comparison

Jay-Z feeling uneasy with the comparison between Beyonce and Rihanna due to their intertwined history.

Some individuals in Hollywood distancing themselves from Stephen A Smith due to his opinion, causing trivial rifts.

The Mysterious Cathy White Rumors

Kathy White rumored to be Jay-Z’s mistress in 2010, known in Hollywood circles as a socialite and model.

Alleged affair between Kathy White and Jay-Z discussed in online articles, though original source not available.

Speculations and Conspiracy Theories

Speculation on Jay-Z’s possible extreme actions to prevent scandal.💭Potential repercussions of scandal involving Jay-Z and Kathy White.🌀Various conspiracy theories circulating post Liz’s accusations towards Jay-Z.


What was the cause of Cathy White’s death?

Cathy White’s cause of death is uncertain, with suspicions of foul play and toxicology reports pending.

Was Cathy White contacted by a tabloid before her death?

Two weeks before her death, Cathy was contacted by a tabloid investigating her connection to Jay-Z.

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