Justin Bieber Leaves these events have Rihanna and Beyonce Behind With His Reported Salary to Perform at Ambani’s Wedding

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Justin Bieber is reportedly earning $10 million after performing at the Ambani wedding, surpassing the fees of other major artists like Beyonce and Rihanna.
The Ambani wedding festivities had performances by top musical stars, with previous events featuring Rihanna, Akon, Katy Perry, Pitbull, and more.
News of Bieber’s involvement and his substantial fee has sparked significant buzz and reactions on the internet.

The Ambani wedding is turning out to be more than a lavish affair. The wedding of the son of India’s richest man, the pre-wedding bash has so far seen the performances of some of the biggest musical stars in the world. And joining the list is Justin Bieber, who recently performed at the ‘Sangeet ceremony’ (music ceremony).

Justin Bieber | Instagram/@justinbieberJustin Bieber | Instagram/@justinbieber
The wedding celebrations, which have been going on for a while, have shifted base to Mumbai, where the main ceremony will be held. And Bieber has apparently charged more than Rihanna and Beyonce to perform at the Ambani wedding.

Justin Bieber’s Shocking Salary for the Ambani Wedding

Justin Bieber in a still from Popstar MV | YouTube

Justin Bieber in a still from Popstar MV | YouTube
The Ambanis are the richest family in India and overall rank at No. 9 on the global list. Mukesh Ambani, worth $123.3 billion (via Forbes), has so shown off his wealth in the many wedding celebrations of his three kids. And with the wedding of his youngest son, Anant Ambani, the billionaire is setting the bar even higher.

While the wedding celebrations have been going on for a while now, these events have already witnessed performances by Rihanna, Akon, David Blaine, and more. In May. a four-day cruise ship voyage further saw exciting feats by Katy Perry, Pitbull, Backstreet Boys, and more (via Vanity Fair)!

Yet, the actual wedding celebration is anticipated to include even more such performances, among whom is Justin Bieber. The pop sensation’s inclusion in the wedding has already shocked fans after videos of him performing his chart-topping hits went viral across the internet, but what is more shocking is the salary he has taken to perform.

As per GQ India, while the Baby hitmaker’s typical charges for private gigs are between $2 to $6 million, he is reportedly charging $10 million for the Ambani gig. Leaving behind Beyonce‘s $4 million salary (via GQ), and Rihanna’s $8-9 million charges (via Times Now News), Bieber’s inclusion has triggered a buzz on the internet.

Netizens React to Justin Bieber Performing at the Ambani Wedding Bash

Rihanna from the music video This Is What You Came ForRihanna from the music video This Is What You Came For | YouTube

The news of Justin Bieber performing at the Ambani wedding bash has been spreading like wildfire across the internet. Despite the previous wedding bash witnessed some iconic performances by some of the best musical artists in the world, fans are shocked to know that Bieber too was in the lineup of the lavish wedding and performed many of his hits for India’s elites.

As news of the reported salary, which is apparently way higher than any amount paid to previous artists, went viral, this is what netizens had to say:







So far, it is clear that Justin Bieber’s involvement in the Ambani wedding has become a hot topic of conversation on the internet. As the actual wedding event approaches, it will be interesting to see how netizens will react and what their perception of such lavish celebrations will be!

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