Kim Kardashian and Jake Paul Looking “Like a Couple” in Viral Photos Causes a Stir Among Fans

Eyebrows were raised after Kim Kardashian shared a bunch of pictures on her social media with sister Khloé Kardashian, Machine Gun Kelly and a bunch of other celebrities. YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul was in the mix too, and quite frankly, stood out in one of those pictures, with fans quick to point this out.

Jake Paul is about to get into the ring against Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry on 20th July at the Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida for a eight round cruiserweight bout. Yet, it’s his appearance in one of Kim’s pictures today that seems to have caught the public eye, leaving many with questions and thoughts about their relationship.

Celebs collide and Kim Kardashian’s epic insta-moment

Earlier today, the media personality turned to her Instagram account to share a handful of pictures with her followers on the platform. She captioned the post, “We had a time @lala @khloekardashian @michaelrubin.” Kim, dressed in a stunning white dress, posed alongside her sister, Khloé Kardashian, and other celebrities present at the gathering.

One of the pictures showed Kim Kardashian standing in front of Jake Paul, with her sister and MGK posing on the other side. Fans were quick to notice the pairing and took to the comment section to express their thoughts. Many commented on how fantastic the celebrity duo looked together, sparking a flurry of reactions and adding to the buzz surrounding the event.

Jake Paul and Kim Kardashian linked in social media buzz

As soon as the picture went live, hundreds of people quickly took notice of how good they looked together. One user queries why Jake Paul and Kim looked like a couple while posing for the picture. The user wrote, “Why Jake and Kim look like a couple”. They might look like a couple, but Paul is currently in a relationship with Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam.

Another user complimented their pairing, suggesting they looked good together. “Kim and Jake look good together”, the user commented. Despite what the user thinks, Kim is most recently linked with Odell Beckham Jr.

Even the next user was onboard with the idea that Jake Paul and Kim Kardashian were good together. The user wrote, “I kinda stan Kim and Jake together”. Jutta Leerdam wouldn’t like this user for sure.

Meanwhile, this user wasn’t happy about the picture at all. The user wrote, “Bro needa step back off kim g…..” Perhaps, the user has a crush over the media personality, hence his warning to Paul.

Amid the barrage of comments about Kim and Paul, MGK became an NPC. “mgk looks like an npc”, one user wrote.

Even though Jake Paul is in a committed relationship, fans seem to be in the mood to stir up some drama with the picture. What did you think of the picture? Do you think they looked good together?

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