Kris beauty tips! Kris Jenner’s ‘natural exfoliant’ isn’t from Kim or Kylie’s brands – but she says it ‘opens pores’ & ‘softens skin’

KRIS Jenner no doubt has plenty of pricey skincare products, but one of her go-to tips is incredibly budget-friendly.

She shared the cheap, basic beauty item she uses as a “natural exfoliant.”

Kris Jenner revealed her budget-friendly go-to items in her skincare routine

Kris Jenner revealed her budget-friendly go-to items in her skincare routineCredit: Instagram/krisjenner

Kris, 68, was quoted alongside her daughters on Kourtney’s website Poosh as they revealed their favorite beauty hacks.

The reality star’s number one go-to surprisingly didn’t come from Kim’s Skkn brand or Kylie Skin.

Instead, Kris opted for a simple household item that she credited with elevating her skincare regime.

She said her nighttime step has helped to exfoliate her skin before applying her products.

“Wash your face every night using a hot terry cloth washcloth,” Kris advised.

“It acts as a natural exfoliant by loosening dead skin cells, opening up the pores, and softening the skin, prepping it for your night treatments.”

A pack of 10 terry washcloths is available for just $9.99 from Amazon.

Kris previously referred to the simple trick in a video with Skkn in which she broke down her nighttime routine.

For her first step, Kris used the $43 Skkn cleanser to remove her makeup.

“What I really love about this is it’s really light but it just takes off all of the makeup,” she explained.

She used her go-to terry cloth to wash off the cleanser and any residual makeup.

Kris used “really hot water” to dampen the cloth before using it on her face.

As well as her natural exfoliant, she applied a dollop of the $55 Skkn exfoliator to her skin.

Kris recommended mixing the product with “a little bit of water” for the best results.

She followed this up with the brand’s $45 toner and $90 hyaluronic serum.

Anti-aging tips and ‘superstar’ products

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Dr. Anatalia Moore is a GP and skin specialist with over 11 years of clinical experience.

She told The U.S. Sun that her goal is to equip patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their skin journey.

She said the fundamental basics of a beauty routine are the same for all ages — it should include an effective cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF.

“Moisturizers are my superstar, even over products containing active ingredients,” she said.

“Finding a well-balanced moisturizer that provides the right kind of hydration, replaces natural oils, and seals them in, literally stabilizes your skin.

“This in itself quickly can soften the appearance of fine lines and texture, as often these are worsened by dehydration.

“It also allows the skin to function as it should.

“It then can heal faster, which, among many things, can lead to fewer lines and wrinkles, less flares of dermatitis and rosacea, and shorter-lived, milder breakouts.”

Dr. Moore’s skincare staples:

Obagi Hydrate and Hydrate Lux moisturizer, $78
Adequate sleep
Balanced diet
Reducing stress

Kris also used the $90 Vitamin C8 serum, $85 face cream, $95 night oil, and the $75 eye cream.

Once she had finished applying all the products, she pointed out the immediate effect.

“Look at that glow already,” she told her Instagram audience.

Speaking to Poosh, Kris also emphasized the importance of good oral hygiene.

She listed a “new toothbrush every three weeks” as her second holy grail hack.

Kris recommended using a hot terry cloth to naturally exfoliate your face (stock image)

Kris recommended using a hot terry cloth to naturally exfoliate your face (stock image)Credit: Getty

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