When Critics Called Kim Kardashian’s Struggle to Get into a Tight One-Piece ‘Ridiculous’

When Critics Called Kim Kardashian’s Struggle to Get into a Tight One-Piece ‘Ridiculous’

Cover Image Source: Youtube | ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’



Kim Kardashian made headlines in February 2020 at Paris Fashion Week when she showed up for her husband Kanye West’s Sunday Service dressed entirely in skintight Balmain clothing. Many viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians recently commented on one resurfaced clip from the show, where they made fun of Kardashian’s ridiculous attire and the reality show team for airing it. The video shows her and her makeup artists attempting to squeeze her buttocks into a mustard-colored Balmain skintight garment. Kardashian knew it was going to take a little longer than anticipated; she laughed and said, “S***, it’s stuck to my skin.”

After one fan uploaded the old video to Reddit with the caption “Shes ridiKulous,” others quickly chimed in to criticize Kardashian’s clothing choice. One user wrote, “Yeah, this is Kim’s discomfort kink. It’s her response for not having a talent. She can’t sing or dance or pass the bar, but what she can do is tolerate being very uncomfortable in public. She’s been trying to make this into a thing for a while now.” Another user jotted down, “And the ironic thing is that one of the things that made her famous was how good she looked in normal clothes. She could wear a Juicy Couture tracksuit or jeans and a t-shirt and look hotter than the vast majority of society. So why she does all of the desperate crap makes no sense and is such a bad look.”

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Pierre SuuImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Pierre Suu
One more fan called them the ‘Kalabasas Klown’ and added, “Because who doesn’t want to look like the dried chunk that squirts out of the Dijon mustard bottle when you haven’t used it in a week, am I right? Another excellent choice by the Kalabasas Klown…” Another viewer called her a loser and wrote, “lmfaoooooo her sheer desperation and determination to get this 100000-times-too-small diarrhoea condom to fit over her fat sloppy ass is absolutely hilarious. And she still looks like shit as usual. Fucking loser.”





In the clip, her sister Kourtney wasn’t in a hurry to assist Kim in getting into her costume, but she was prepared to go in her matching brown latex suit while Kim was having trouble getting into hers. As per The Sun, The reality star even made light of the fact that she hurt herself attempting to wear the outfit. “I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. This is f***ing fashion week,” she joked. A matching coat and latex gloves completed Kim’s appearance once she eventually got into the couture outfit that accentuated her beautiful shape.




This video resurfaced just days after fans were shocked to see Kim’s shockingly slim waist at the most recent Met Gala. At the private New York event, she wore a corseted outfit that showed off her figure. She wore a daring metallic silver gown to the exclusive event, further emphasizing her hourglass form. Fans were divided on social media over her corseted clothing, with some expressing love and others expressing alarm. Her contentious outfit sparked conversations about societal expectations of beauty, potential health risks, and ethical considerations in clothing design.

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